Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Grand Finale - Crystal Garden

I'm giving this an A for a fun project to do. Click on the picture to see how awesome they look up close.... they blossomed even more over night without anything else being added.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day Three - Crystal Garden

I added the concoction to the crystals this morning and they are getting richer in color, growing thicker and taller, and starting to creep up the sides of the pie tin. When I do this again I'm going to eleminate the step for day 2 and just add the concoction each day. All I need now is some water and a snorkel and we could explore our own coral reef....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Two - Crystal Garden

I was so excited when I ran out into the kitchen this morning to see if the crystals were growing and found that they were. I added the 2 more Tablespoons of salt.... to be continued....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day One - Crystal Garden

I have been racking my brain for new projects for Canyon and I to do on our visit the end of March. I ran across this concoction for a crystal garden. I thought I would test it out before I tell him we're going to do this really cool thing.
On Day One: Over pieces of charcoal pour 2 Tablespoons each of bluing (I found it at Smith's in the laundry area.... it is used in the rinse cycle to make clothes brighter), non iodized salt, water, and ammonia. Add drops of food coloring.
On Day Two: Add 2 more Tablespoons salt
On Day Three: Add 2 Tablespoons each of bluing, salt, water, and ammonia. Avoid pouring on crystal growth. Repeat Day 3 as needed to keep crystals growing.
Anybody who has any ideas for more science experiments or crafts to do feel free to tell me about them. I know there are some amazing mom, dad's and grandparents out there with some great ideas.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OK, I've been a little distracted...

Or better yet a little obsessed... once I get interested in something I no longer know or care if the sky is falling..... if anyone is hungry or feeling neglected..... (truth they are probably relieved that I am occupied....) until I finally wear out of it or Annie and Ken totally rebel against eating anymore tomato soup and cheese sandwiches.... so I have come up for air, however my interest isn't waning...
I have made 5 bug quilts (check out the frogs and ladybugs escaping from their jars), 2 for "the boys" and 3 for Kathy's newly acquired grandkids..... I made 3 levi crazy quilts from David's levi's for Kyle, Diane and David's girlfriend..... I hand embroidered the feather stitch with #5 pearl cotton on the seams. It was a soothing kind of thing to do and hopefully a comforting something to keep David close by as he continues to be missed. Then Kim got me going on a pattern called Burgoyne Surrounded (with over 6,000 pieces in it) and I made two of them for Ryan and Alissa for their wedding next month. I'll post a picture of the entire quilts once I have given them away. And I've started a third one.... the smallest of the squares are 1/2" finished. I think I'm going to enter it in a few shows this year just for fun. I also made Kenzie a cute crayon bag and an Asian wall hanging for the house. And there you have it.... and that's all there is folks....