Sunday, June 20, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

I always have the best intentions of updating this every week, but somehow it never seems to happen.
I have been captivated this year by ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) They are miniature works of art, 2 1/2" X 3 1/2". The way you get them is to trade.... they cannot be bought or sold. This new art culture sprang up in 1996 from rejecting the notion of critiquing and pricing art. Swiss artist Vanci Stirnemann started the movement, inspired by sports trading cards.... he created and showcased over a thousand Artist Trading Cards in a gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. He refused to sell the cards but offered to swap with anyone who brought in a card. A movement was born which eventually circled the globe. There are many internet trading sites.

They are made from almost any art venue.... drawing, pen & ink, water color, acrylics, oil, collage, paper and fibre arts. I have made all of mine with fabric. After I made my "Spirit" or "I See Dead People Quilt" as Andrea calls it.... I wasn't satisfied with just sewing a quilt.... though I still love it.... I just wanted to add more to it. This little size makes that much more practical and allows me to feed my embellishment addiction. I'll post some of what I have made next week (maybe) but I got my best cards yet, yesterday....
"The Boys" and I decided we would trade cards only make them 5 X 7. I sent them bunches of "stuff" to create with.... glitter glue, buttons, beads, seashells, fancy paper, glue.... Canyon decided our first theme.... FANCY CARS. Next month we'll have Mackenzie join us and Auggie will pick our theme. I think these is such a fun way to connect the cousins and grow some creativity. There is a unique and precious quality of children's art that can't be duplicated.

Canyon's to me

Auggie's to me

For Canyon.... "Off To The Beach"

For Auggie.... "Off To The Races"