Sunday, June 26, 2011

Misty & New Baby, Parker

Misty was in town for a new baby checkup and stopped by. It is always good to see her. She didn't have the two older boys with her... as if they are very old. I love to just watch them... they are really too funny. It sure reminds you what a crazy time of life it is to have toddlers. Any kid at any age at home, really.

He was content to let Gma2 hold him.

I made him an "I Spy" quilt with a bunch of picture fabric that I've collected over the years.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's All About The Yard

Yesterday we did what most couples do who have been married for awhile. We went out and bought something we would have bought anyway and said it was for Father's Day. Ken has been mostly in charge of the yard... ok, everything except watering the hanging basket out front. This year I finally missed going and picking out flowers and playing in the dirt. We are trying to fill the yard with perinnials and eventually have everything all lush and beautiful, and doing it by itself every year.

Our front is small... (just our size) On one side we found a big hanging basket and put it in the corner where nothing ever grows.

On the other side we made a little herb garden... we have basil, oregano, 4 different mints, echineacea, comfry, and a few more I can't remember

I love the hanging basket we found for the front entrance... we went to every nursery until we found the most beautiful one...

This is the area we planted in the back. It sure didn't feel like $300 worth of lushness once it was planted. I'll post another picture when that happens...

We even bought a couple of chairs and a little table. You can't tell but it is inlaid with a bunch of tiny tiles. The chairs are just perfect.... simple (without big bulky cushions) but they still rock and swivel. Ken was a very good dad this year..... as always...