Monday, December 21, 2009

So It's Been Awhile

Nothing in my world changes at a fast pace.... however I have been busy. Most of you know, my mom fell and fractured her pelvis..... again..... this time in the front and back and had to have surgery, but is now back at the Berkshire rehab recuperating. I have been trying to finish up alot of my projects, and all of mom's as well, so I can start out the new year a little fresher.

We... ok, Ken..... hung up some of my wallhangings I did. This one is over the piano and the pattern is called a bargello. We still have a couple more to do.

We got a dress-up doll for Kenzie for Christmas.... so I have been making little outfits. I hope she likes it cause I want to make it more clothes.... it was so fun.