Wednesday, January 12, 2011

By Light Of The Moon Swap

"Midnight Magic"

"Meadow Moon"
"Forest Moon"
Getting ready to mail off the last of the cards for this year's swaps so far.... I almost cancelled out of this one.... I was kind of tapped out after the tree cards, but I'm glad I pushed through and did them. I'm excited now to get started on my tree next week...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tree Swap & Journal Quilt Challenge

I just finished the last of my trees for the next swap..

I'm also doing a Journal Quilts Challenge this year and for my theme I am doing an 11X14 tree every month. We then post it to the 3Creative Studios Journal Quilts Flickr Group. where other art quilters can offer feedback. I'm finding that joining these challenges keeps me thinking creatively and everyone's work is so inspiring. I've finished drawing the design for my January tree and had a fun shopping trip to Quilts Etc. to pick out my fabric pallet.... and now I'm waiting for the purple sequins and beads to arrive that I ordered for embellishments. The bottom of the drawing looks like boulders but I will use the green fabric there and I think add some blue with watercolor pencils to the purple sky. The brown fabric has a great circular pattern for the tree trunk.