Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's All About Staying Married

Ken & I have now been married 30 years.  In no special order here’s 30 reasons why:

  1. He always gives me the biggest piece of dessert.  He's like that.  Generous.
  2. He never complains when I eat the rest of the dessert in the middle of the night.
  3. He goes to quilt shows with me (and acts interested)
  4. He knows why it’s important not to cut off the points when you quilt and many other reasons that make a good quilt.  He’s like that.  Interested in what I’m doing.
  5. He has never belittled me in front of family or friends.  Or even to my face.
  6. He likes to do all the driving.
  7. He never lets me drive in bad weather without ample warnings.  He’s like that.  Concerned about my well-being.
  8. He can always make me laugh.
  9. He makes fun of me in humorous  ways  that expose my biggest flaws.
  10. He tells me every day he loves me. (except for that rough patch in year 2)
  11. Whenever  I think  life is the cruelest hoax ever he tells me everything is going to be OK. (and he hugs me when he says it)
  12. He’s a homebody like me.
  13. For a long time when the kids were little he cooked dinner every Saturday night to give me a break.  He’s like that.  Considerate.
  14. When I did the early morning paper route he went with me every Sunday because the papers were so heavy. (for 5 years)  He's like that.  Dependable.
  15. Have you seen how he looks?  He’s more fit and handsome than ever.
  16. His work ethic is flawless.  He has always done his best to support the family and keep it going.
  17. His integrity is flawless.  He taught the kids about striving for excellence and a multitude of other ways to be a decent human being.
  18. We work well together.  He has always done his share of the household chores and more often than not more than his share.
  19. Every week we go to the grocery store together and then he helps me cut up all the veges for the upcoming meals.
  20. He never complains if sometimes those well planned out meals turn into cheese sandwiches or top ramen because I’ve been working on my projects all day.
  21. He always cleans up after dinner and does the dishes.
  22. He makes me feel cherished.
  23. He never complains about all the birthday and Christmas presents I buy for myself.
  24. Sometimes he seems too good to be true.  I think he is.
  25. Once he surprised me at the airport and went with me to visit Mackenzie when I thought I had to go alone.  He’s like that.  He never lets me go to important things alone.
  26. In the beginning he told me in 30 years being together would be better than ever.  He didn’t lie.
  27. On our 2nd date he bought me groceries when I thought I was just giving him ideas of meals he could make for himself.  He’s like that.  Helpful without being invasive.
  28. We had to stay together.  Neither one of us wanted custody of the kids.
  29. We’re interdependent and individuals at the same time.  He’s like that.  Respectful.
  30. He’s my best friend.

And bonus videos from Miko the wonder puppy whose talents just keep increasing.

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    It's All About The Quilts

    Yesterday we went to a Quilt Exhibit in Brigham City.  The featured quilt artists were Lenore Crawford, who gets most of her inspiration on her visits to small villages in France.  Dianna Grundhauser of Hawaii,, and Melody Randol of Loveland, CO,  And a few from Utah.  All I can say is every quilt had the WOW factor, and most had won national & international awards.  Also many had placed in the prestigious Paducah competitions.  The main focus was landscape and applique quilting.  Here's a few of my favorites, and I have to say seeing them in photos is a poor substitute for the real thing.  I've also included a close up of most of them so you can see some of the incredible detail and intricate free motion quilting.
    Kathy Porter (from my quilt group) and I were asked to show a quilt.
    You've all seen mine so here is hers.  She's always winning awards for
    her stunning & original designs.  This is from some doodles she likes to do.

    My favorite

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Miko - The Puppy Prodigy

    I just had to post another video. I can't believe how smart she is. Ryan said she'll just approach them and then sit, lie down, roll over a couple of times and then look up expectantly for a treat . . . . before they even say a single word. Too cute.

    Sunday, July 3, 2011

    It's All About Miko

    Here she is. The much awaited puppy of Ryan & Alissa. A little Yorkshire Terrior. And I do mean little. She is 12 weeks old and weighs in at a whopping 2.5 lbs. She is just too adorable!!

    A week later she miraculously turns from a baby into a toddler and enjoys a day out at the beach. Get ready for a cuteness attack. Ryan is having a blast with her, as this is his first dog. We're glad we deprived him of a few childhood experiences so he could have a few happy new firsts in his adult life. :)

    Meeting Trixie, the emperess of the house, for the first time, hoping they will be fast friends.

    It doesn't take long and they are snuggling together. Sweetness attack.

    She sleeps in a playpen to give her plenty of room to move over, as her bladder is too tiny to make it through the night.

    I'm happy she loves her blanket I made for her.