Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grandkids Are The Best

Excitement is mounting for the unveiling of the grandkids artwork.  Canyon called me when he received his package to tell me he was thinking about doing something in the abstract.  He said, "After all you said to be creative."  I think he wanted my approval so I told him that was fantastic because that's what grandma's do... they are always supportive and encouraging.  And they have a knack of seeing into the heart of a matter.

Then a few days ago he called again to say the pictures were ready for the mail.  "But I have to tell you something.  I put pipe cleaners all around the edges and mom said you were going to put them in a frame".  "What a wonderfully creative way to make a frame for a picture", I said.  "Frames don't always have to be something you buy at a store."  When I talked to Jana she said she asked Canyon, "What did you do that for?  Grandma Niece is going to put them in a frame", sending him into panic mode.  Then she asked Auggie if his picture was his best.  He burst into tears, "You don't like my picture."  

There's nothing like a mom to suck the creativity out of a project.  I remember when my kids were at home.  On Halloween we would make pumpkin sugar cookies.  I would be hovering over them to make sure they rolled the dough out evenly so they'd bake just right.  I doled out 5 chocolate chips to make a mouth.  Heaven forbid the whole cookie was plastered in chocolate chips.  In my defense there would always be a kid crying if someone else got more chips than they did.  I love being a grandma.  It is much easier to go with the flow and let creativity just unfold.  You don't have to worry about everything being a life lesson to build character.  You don't have to worry a bag of chocolate chips is an extravagence. And you don't have to worry if things don't turn out exactly as planned. 

Now for the Austin side of things.  This is the letter I received from Mackenzie a few days ago.  That kid (they all do) has the power to elevate me just by looking at her.  But this is the stuff that just melts a grandma's heart.
 This is going to be a fun tradition!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lunch Bag Pattern

My sister-in-law, Karlene, is having a knee replacement tomorrow.  I went to her pinterest and printed out the patterns she had pinned to make baby hats.  I made her a bag from fabric of her favorite sports team, the Georgia Bulldogs.  I found the fabric online at, http://bearpawquilting.com/.  The pattern I used is called a Lunch Bag but it fit a couple skeins of yarn and crochet hooks just perfectly.  
She better just love it since I worked on it ALL afternoon.  AND I looked at every skein of yarn at Joann's trying to find the most perfect awesome colors and softness for a girl and a boy.  This is the first one I've made from this pattern so making more shouldn't take as long.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Continuing On...

Last night I read over the blog and realized what a nifty history it was.  Especially times with the grandkids.  My friend had her blog made into a book so I think I'll carry on.  I'll probably backtrack the highlights of last year...

Last year Canyon called to ask me if I knew any ways he could earn some money.  He wanted to buy a kindle.  I told him my walls needed some artwork and commissioned him to draw me a picture for $10.00.  A few minutes later the phone rang again.  It was Auggie.  "Grandma Niece, do you know how I can earn some money?"  So of course I then had to include Kenzie.  These are what they sent me.

Canyon's - Age 8 {Love the creativity of the bicycle mouth}

Auggie's - Age 5 {Love the goggles}

Kenzie's - Age 7 {Ever the astute negotiator she rummaged up 5 pictures she had already done & wanted to collect 50 bucks.  A long conversation later she had to cough up an original for the said amount.}
We are now going to make it a yearly tradition.  This is the letter that went out for this year.

Dear Kids,
It’s a brand new year and so I need new artwork from my favorite and talented artists.  I have a wall at my house that is just going to be about people. 

Some ideas are to draw yourself or your family.  Your best friend or anyone you’d like.  And your person or people can be doing anything you like.  They could be riding bikes, playing soccer, reading on their kindles or standing upside down on their head.  Use your imagination. 

You can color it with crayons or markers, colored pencils, glitter or anything else you want.  Or you can just leave it white. 

Your picture will hang up for the whole year so take your time and do your best.  Make it something you are proud of.  (You cannot send me something you have already done.)  Sign it with your name.

Use the paper I sent.  There are extra pieces in case you need them.

Send me your picture by the end of January and when I get it I will send you $10.00.  I can’t wait to see what you make.

Love, xo
Grandma Niece